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About Lift

We are excited to join you on this journey in your life. The goals of Lift are described below. It is our prayer that we can assist you in your financial needs as well as in your walk with Christ.  Thank you for allowing us this opportunity to be of assistance.

• Believers will deepen their commitment to and comprehension of the Christian faith. Those who still are not

following Christ by the end of the program will understand the faith better and experience the love of Christ

through his body, the church.

• Participants will have a steady job and be working “wholeheartedly, as for the Lord” (Col 3:23).

• Participants will have a budget, know how to follow it, and demonstrate an ability to follow it.

• Participants will have a stronger marriage or, if not married, bring their relationship in-line with biblical teachings.

• Participants will have a stronger relationship with their children. Believers will start disciplining their own children at

home with methods learned in the parenting class.
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